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University degrees and qualifications :

Hervé Silbert (MD) is an Orthopaedic Surgeon; he is accredited by the social security and practices his job in sector 2 in Béziers, Hérault (34).

  • Post Masters in General Surgery (*UCH of Clermont-Ferrand)
  • Post Masters in Orthopaedic and Trauma Surgery (UCH of Clermont-Ferrand)
  • Former resident and chief resident in surgery (Faculty and UCH of Clermont-Ferrand)
  • Specialist in knee and foot surgery
  • Member of the Languedoc-Roussillon Sports Medicine Society
  • Member of the European Society of Sport Traumatology Knee Surgery and Arthroscopy

(NB : UHC = University Hospital Center)



Olivier BRINGER (MD)

Specialist in hip, knee and carpal tunnel surgery

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Matthieu CÉSAR (MD)

Specialist in shoulder and hand surgery

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Specialist in knee and foot surgery

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Specialist in spine surgery

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Guillaume MIROUSE (MD)

Specialist in knee, shoulder, ankle and foot surgery

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Each anatomical part requires its own specific bone and joint treatment :

Shoulder disorders are caused by three factors: trauma, wear, or inflammation. Shoulder surgery can treat major shoulder conditions : shoulder instability, tendon pathology (tendinopathy), osteoarthritis ... Discover the surgical treatments performed at the Saint Privat polyclinic by visiting our page dealing with shoulder surgery.
Hand disorders are very common. The purpose of hand surgery is the treatment, through a surgical operation, of all hand disorders and traumas: cysts, Dupuytren's disease, Quervain's tendonitis ... The treatment is specific for each case. Discover all the disorders of the hand and treatments performed in our centre for orthopaedic and osteo-articular surgery, by going to our page dealing with hand surgery.
The vertebral column or spine is made of a stack of 24 vertebrae interconnected by intervertebral discs. Two traumas can occur at the level of the discs: one due to a normal aging of the joint or due to an osteoarthritis for example, or ruptured disc which develops into herniated disc. Surgical treatment may sometimes be necessary. Discover all the spine disorders and treatments performed in our centre of orthopaedic surgery by visiting our page on spine surgery.
The hip can be affected by a wide range of disorders such as meniscal tears or osteoarthritis. Surgical treatments to relieve hip disorders are very advanced today and require the intervention of a specialist. Our Orthopaedic Centre is a forerunner in the field of minimally invasive hip replacement surgery. Find out on our page on hip surgery all the disorders and operations that can be carried out in our surgery centre.
When medical treatments have failed, surgery becomes necessary. As for knee disorders which are common, they can be treated by surgical procedure: torn meniscus, cruciate ligament, osteoarthritis ... Find out in our page on knee surgery all of the disorders and operations that can be performed in our Centre for Orthopaedic Surgery.
Find in our page on Foot Surgery the disorders and surgical procedures performed on the foot and the ankle: ankle replacement or treatment of Hallux valgus (bunion) ... All of the foot disorders and pains are treated in the Centre of Orthopaedic Surgery at our Centre for Orthopaedic Surgery at the polyclinique Saint Privat.

The Osteo-Articular Surgery Centre is located at the Clinique Saint Privat

The Saint Privat clinic is an entirely new healthcare facility (opened in August 2007) equipped with cutting edge equipment for this type of surgery. The services including 30 dedicated beds for orthopaedic surgery, post-operative intensive care and Scan radiology allow optimal management of the operated patients. A physiotherapy and rehabilitation clinic also provides specialized post-operative care. (Clinique du Val d'Orb, located approximately 100 m from Clinique St Privat)

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