Trigger finger surgery : Release of the flexor tendon

Le doigt à ressautDiagnosis :

The « trigger finger » or stenotic tenosynovitis results from a conflict between the tendons and the tunnel;
the tendons are too thick to slide through the tunnel and when they do, the passage is abrupt and forced, causing a trigger.

The condition is frequent and affects mostly the middle finger, ring finger and thumb. All fingers can be affected.

Treatment of the trigger finger :

  • The first line treatment for trigger finger is non-surgical, with keeping the hand at rest, prescribing anti-inflammatory medication associated or not with corticoid injections.
  • Surgical treatment is recommended in case the previous treatment fails or in the event of permanent blocking, and consists in cutting the opening of the tunnel and cleaning the tendons, the seat of an inflammatory reaction.

After the procedure, no immobilisation or specific physiotherapy rehabilitation is necessary except in special cases. Mobilizing one’s fingers without any limitation is enough. Recovery time is about 6 weeks for long fingers and shorter for the thumb. The length of sick leave depends on the operation performed but does not exceed three weeks.

A video of the hand tendon surgery to treat trigger finger

(Beware! Some scenes not for the faint-hearted!)


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