Minimally invasive surgery

This is a new surgical technique for Hallux Valgus which is carried out by minimally invasive procedure. Its purpose is to restore the harmony in the leaning of the forefoot. Indications to perform such highly technical procedure are very precise and must be suited to each individual case.

Minimally invasive surgery should not replace conventional procedures even though mixing two techniques can often prove beneficial.
Current trends should not be a dictum unless there is surgical aggression.

For instance, minimally invasive surgery with intra-bone fixation is currently performed at the Saint-Privat clinic at Boujan sur Libron – near Beziers in the Hérault – and allows to augment bone corrections while reducing skin and joint damages.

Before surgery :


  • The great toe is deviated and causes pain while walking.

During surgery :

  • The procedure can be done under local anesthesia
  • A percutaneal incision is made on the upper part of the foot so as to free the joint
  • Another incision on the inner side of the foot allows to perform the bone correction

After surgery :


The patient :

  • Benefits from shorter hospitalization duration
  • Can safely walk out of the clinic (wearing a special shoe)
  • Must wear an orthopedic sole (silicon insole) from the 8 th till the 21 st day

Benefits of this surgical procedure :

  • Reduces post-operative pains
  • Leaves very small scars: 3mm incisions !
  • Ensures faster recovery
Centre de Chirurgie Ostéo-Articulaire (CCO) - Polyclinique Saint-Privat - Rue de la Margeride -34760 Boujan-sur-Libron