Torn meniscus (Meniscus tear)

Before surgery :


  • The meniscus is a kind of crescent shaped piece of cartilage acting as a cushion in the knee. There are two menisci in a knee. The main feature of a meniscus is that it is hard to heal, which explains the frequency of this type of surgery.
  • The patient suffers from the classical symptom of pain inside the knee that starts or gets worse from squatting position.
  • A scan or MRI (Magnetic resonance Imaging) must confirm the tear which is invisible on a simple radiography.
  • The usual evolution of a meniscus tear is progressive aggravation with l ocking of the knee on bending.

During surgery :

  • img2The procedure lasts about ½ an hour under arthroscopy; only the torn zone of the meniscus is removed with specific pliers, the rest of the meniscus is kept

Torn meniscus : video of operation

After surgery :

  • Resuming walking is possible without a splint on the day after the operation, on crutches for about a fortnight.
  • 1 to 4 week sick leave (UK Statutory Sick Pay) is useful according to professional activities.

Latest breakthroughs :

  • Some exceptional meniscus tears leave the possibility of arthroscopic suture repair, namely a genuine repair with the help of a microclip that resorbs after playing its role.
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